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Making a difference


Edify is also a sub-division of Edify Teen Life Center (ETLC), which is a resource for young mothers who were victims of sex trafficking. For the last two years, 15 young mothers came to ETLC for shelter. We now provide financial support and resources for them and their babies.

  • ETLC is in the process of building housing for these young mothers and their babies in Lauren County Georgia victims ages 18-25.

  • ETLC, along with our local medical community has joined us in helping to provide health and prevention information to our young mothers.

  • We utilize community resources, governing bodies, regulated organizations, and family support to help integrate healthy families into society and prevent repeat teen pregnancies. Many of these young mothers have no housing or place else to turn to and THAT is why we are here to support them financially.

  • We want to help young mothers who are hurting find hope and purpose through Edification.


  • We succeed by using years of combined experience with our successful leaders, education, and great medical care to achieve goals and leverage greater results.


  • Sex Trafficking is Real / Help Us Be Their Voices


 Child Sex Trafficking Hotline: 1(866) END-HTGA (363-4842)

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